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Zoom Link to Christiantown Woods Preserve-Arrowhead Farm Public Hearing

Posted 12/7/22         Meeting ID: 892 2946 5590 Passcode: 290087  

Christiantown Woods Preserve-Arrowhead Farm Draft Management Plan

Posted 12/7/22

The West Tisbury land bank advisory board will conduct a public hearing on Tuesday, December 20, 2022 at 5:00 pm to take comment on the draft management plan for Arrowhead Farm / Christiantown Woods…

Shotgun Hunting

Posted 11/28/22

Please be advised that shotgun hunting is allowed on the following properties: Blackwater Pond Reservation Brines Pond Preserve Chappy Five Corners Gay Head Moraine John Presbury Norton Farm M…

Affordable Housing

Posted 11/2/22

This week the land bank corresponded with each of the towns’ housing committees to suggest that they survey their towns for properties possibly suitable for conservation-affordable housing…

Agricultural Leases

Posted 10/26/22

The land bank is accepting proposals for three agricultural leases:  Peaked Hill Reservation in Chilmark; Short Cove Preserve in West Tisbury; and Sweetened Water Preserve in Edgartown. Bid packages…

Progress Report on New Properties

Posted 7/22/22

The land bank continues management planning for its newest properties, the James Pond Preserve in West Tisbury and the Squibnocket Pond Reservation in Aquinnah (this latter property is co-owned with…

Goat Manure Program

Posted 7/22/22

The land bank goat program still has free manure available for pick-up. If you are interested in picking up some manure, please send an email and we will work on setting up a time when someone is…

Drone Reminder

Posted 3/21/22

Reminder:  drones are not permitted to be launched from land bank properties.