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The land bank is a rare breed. Neither a sanctuary program nor a park system, it is a middle ground where the highest virtues of conservation can be realized: public enjoyment of nature, where limits and restraint secure the natural world’s future and prosperity. Learn more about the land bank…

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Bobcat Request for Proposals

Posted 1/24/23

The land bank is disposing of three surplus Bobcat toolcats (2017, 2012, 2011). Bids may be submitted for all or any. The invitation-for-bid package is available by telephoning 508-627-7141 or writing…

Land Bank Annual Report

Posted 1/10/23

Land Bank Annual Report 2022

M Exemption

Posted 1/4/23

As of January 1, 2023, the first time home buyer exemption has gone up to $800,000.


Posted 1/4/23

The land bank announced this week that it had purchased a 4.5-acre property abutting its John Presbury Norton Farm in West Tisbury. The seller was Binnie Ravitch and the price was $2,020,000.  The…

Processing a Transaction

The land bank collects a fee on the island’s real estate transactions to fund land conservation and stewardship on the island. Land bank forms are available for download and printing.

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