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Old County Arboretum


2.5 acres


This triangle of meadow, with its fanciful name, is one of the few remaining fields on the Old County Road. Long-range plans call for native plants on the land to be identified with plaques as part of an informal arboretum, with bicycle racks and benches to be provided.


Universal Access

  • Difficulty rating: Easy
  • Trail: Level access to paved State Forest bike path
  • Points of Interest: Meadow viewing along paved State Forest bicycle path.
  • Benches: 0


This property is located opposite the West Tisbury school. Automobiles may park at the state forest trailhead located here.

Historical Highlights

  • for 180 years, from 1760 until 1941, the land was held in common by the Congregational Church and was referred to as the “Parsonage Lot,” serving as a woodlot and later as pasture land
  • Rev. George Daman used these woodlots for cedar rails and oak posts that were cut to enclose the parsonage itself, which was located down by Parsonage Pond; he was famous for “combining the work of grinding out sermons and corn” for the parishioners of his flock

Trail / Property Map