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Toad Rock Preserve


6.3 acres


Densely woven scrub oak and an undulating topography characterize this property. At one end of the preserve, buried in the thick vegetation, is the batrachian glacial erratic; at the other end is Surveyors Hill, with its capacious view of the Squibnocket Pond and beyond to Nomans Island.


Start at the intersection of the State Road and Moshup Trail. Proceed down the Moshup Trail 0.8 miles and turn right at the land bank logo sign.

Historical Highlights

the preserve is named for the large glacial erratic shaped in the form of a toad and situated on the northeast portion of the property — it was thought to be a pet toad of the mythical chieftain Moshup that turned to stone upon his departures; a tribal meeting place; and a makeshift post office for members to pass notes back and forth

Trail / Property Map