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Tea Lane Farm


50.0 acres


Tea Lane Farm is the quintessential up-island farm. The fields roll high and low; a dry hilltop drops rapidly into a broad swamp along the Tiasquam River. The farmstead itself was purchased by the town of Chilmark, while the land bank acquired the balance of the land surrounding it. Trails lie against the edges of the fields, with the exception of the heliodaemonic cross-pasture path atop the hillock. The town and the land bank have leased the land to local farmers for crop production, livestock grazing and flower cultivation.


Park on the shoulder of the Meetinghouse Road, just beyond its intersection with the Middle Road. Trail starts on the Middle Road just opposite this intersection.

Historical Highlights

  • the farm is located across Middle Road from the site of a once-historic hub of Chilmark, containing one in a series of Chilmark meeting-houses
  • Tea Lane is an old road that was named after an incident involving a secret depository of tea on the Hillman family land during the embargo on tea prior to the American Revolution; Middle Road, a much newer road, was laid out by the county in 1845 and spanned six miles to the Gay Head town line

Trail / Property Map