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Tashmoo Preserve


6.1 acres


Proven again:  the land bank apothegm about perseverance. In 1990 the land bank first prioritized the land abutting the town/county beach, but had to wait until 2018 when it became available at a price the institution was willing to pay. Following its acquisition the land bank then purchased two additional properties — effectively tripling the length of the public surfline there — and renaturalized the dune on them, by removing the cottages that had been cottered into it.  The land bank has since entered into an agreement with the town of Tisbury calling for the land bank to manage as one all of the public beachlands at the end of the Herring Creek Road.   A revetment marks the beginning of the land bank section; visitors who choose to scramble up and atop its length will find elbow room on its yonder side.


Start at the intersection of Franklin Street and Daggett Avenue. Travel west on Daggett Avenue 0.5 miles; Herring Creek Road is here on the right, in two separate tracks. Via foot or bicycle: proceed up the left track some 450 feet and then follow sign directing visitors onto the trail located on the right track. Via automobile: Take the left track and travel 1.2 miles to the property; road is exceptionally challenging to drive, owing to narrowness and limited sight-distances. Parking and access are limited and visitors may have to be turned away; please have an alternative destination in mind if you are planning a trip to this property.

Trail / Property Map