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Square Field


87.1 acres


The Vineyard’s choicest agricultural soils are found in Katama and in the alluvial Mill Brook valley; this “Square Field” is located precisely in the middle of the latter. Parts of this land were conserved in a joint effort involving the town, commonwealth and land bank — another effort by the island to keep its best soils from being squandered.

Some trails have restricted public access only, so visitors must heed all posted signs as to entry, i.e., certain trails are closed during the hunting seasons for pheasant, quail, ruffed grouse, turkey, waterfowl/migratory birds (including woodcock) and deer.


Begin in North Tisbury at the intersection of the State and Old Courthouse Roads; follow the Old Courthouse Road until the pavement ends and park in the trailhead located there.

Trail / Property Map