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John Presbury Norton Farm


141.2 acres


An impressive node in the cross-West Tisbury trail. Hikers arriving from the north, inured by then to slopes and ponds and streams, will notice the moraine’s surcease: the plain here is an expansive and active farmfield. Southbound hikers will experience more flatland on their way to the shores of the Tisbury Great Pond at Sepiessa Point but westbound visitors will re-enter the moraine as they follow the route to the Ice House Pond at the Manaquayak Preserve.  Eastbounders have a little of both: the moraine peters out along Chickmoo Path but revives at Wapatequa Woods.


Start at the intersection of the State and Old County Roads. Continue south 0.1 miles down the State Road; driveway is on the right, which leads to the trailhead.

Trail / Property Map