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Felix Neck Preserve


25.0 acres


Visitors to the Felix Neck wildlife sanctuary, which for decades has been the island’s premier environmental education center, assumed for years that both sides of the Felix Neck Road were securely conserved. In fact, only the westerly side was; this made the easterly side a land bank priority. East and west are now both conserved; no unprotected open space remains on the Felix Neck peninsula.

(No horses allowed on trails leading to abutting Audubon sanctuary, where horses are not permitted.)


Park in the trailhead at the Pennywise Preserve (property no. 38) and follow map.

Historical Highlights

  • Named after a Wampanoag Tribe member, Felix Kuttashamaquat, who lived on the peninsula; the Smith family later owned most of Felix Neck and farmed it for close to 300 years.

Trail / Property Map