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Arrowhead Farm


33.6 acres


Few Vineyard roads lack personality. Indian Hill Road’s is pastoral, and with relief: it rises to over 200 feet above sealevel by the time it reaches the ridge. At its base is the scenic and storied Arrowhead Farm, at the first of the road’s many curves.  The land was purchased subject to a life-estate, which means that the sellers retained the right to live there for the rest of their lives, in exchange for which the land bank was offered an attractively discounted price.  At the end of the life-estate the land bank will lease the property to a farm family to raise crops and livestock and in the meantime hikers will enjoy a standout pasture-edge path.  


Start at the intersection of the Indian Hill, South Indian Hill and Christiantown Roads. Proceed up the Indian Hill Road 0.2 miles; trailhead — shared with others who have come to the farm for their horseback riding lessons — is on the left.  

Historical Highlights

  •   Arrowhead Farm’s name is eponymous and discloses something about the land’s history:  the abundance of arrowheads found in the soil in the 20th century means that, several centuries earlier when dropped arrowheads were the equivalent of spent shot, the property was thick with game

Trail / Property Map