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Hunting Policy and Forms

2018 - 2019 Hunting Season



2018 Shotgun Lottery Results


The 2018 hunting season is upon us and once again the Martha's Vineyard Land Bank is pleased to continue its hunting policy on over 1,550 acres of conservation land.  Please study the hunting maps closely and conduct field surveys to understand better the property you are hunting.  Be good stewards of the land and respect all private property, be courteous to other hunters and hunting attendants, and be aware that during all season except "deer shotgun" the properties are open to other public users.  Lastly, be sure to follow all Massachusetts state hunting regulations and remember:  hunting on Land Bank property is not a right, it's a privilege.


Below are changes to how hunting will be organized for the 2018 season:


1.  This season we are eliminating the alternating day system of "group" and "indivdual/small group" hunters.  We will be returning to the former system of drawing lattery for both groups and individual/small groups and allocate slots based on the policy's pre-set allowable number of hunters per property.


2.  The Land Bank will be calling for applications one week sooner (November 5th).


3.  The Land Bank will post results of the lottery on its website (making note of single hunters and the lead hunter for a group).


4.  Hunters will be asked to notify the Land Bank if their plans have changed and for whatever reason they cannot hunt on the day they were awarded.


Once you have successfully completed your application, you will receive an email with a hunting permission document and vehicle placard.  Please be sure to have your hunting permission document on you at all times when hunting on Land Bank property and place your vehicle placard in a visible location on your dashboard.  If you will be erecting a tree stand, review the hunting policy about installation methods for tree stands that are permitted and besure to have a registration tag visible.  If you require a new tag for a tree stand, please visit the Land Bank office at 167 Main Street, Edgartown.


Thank you,

Ian T. Peach

Land Superintendent

and the MVLBC staff.


Hunting Policy


Hunting Applications

All-seasons-other-than-deer-shotgun permit application.

Apply Online


Deer Shotgun - Single Hunter/Small Group permit application.


The deadline for the deer shotgun lottery application has passed.




Deer Shotgun - Large Group (6 or more) permit application.


The deadline for the deer shotgun lottery application has passed.




Agreement & Survey

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Hunting Maps

Bare Hill        Blackwater Pond Preserve    Brine's Pond Preserve     Chappy 5 Corners 

 Cove Meadow Preserve  Edgartown Great Pond  Gay Head Moraine  Great Rock Bight 

 John Presbury Norton Farm  Manaquayak Preserve   Middle Line Woods   Middle Ridge Preserve

North Farm    Ocean View Farm Preserve  Peaked Hill Reservation    Pecoy Point Preserve


Pennywise Preserve  Poucha Pond Reservation  Quammox Preserve  Quansoo Preserve


Ripley's Field Preserve        Sepiessa Point Reservation          Short Cove Preserve 

Southern Woodlands Reservation    Tea Lane Farm     Tiasquam Valley Reservation


Tisbury Meadow Preserve  Toms Neck Preserve  Wapatequa Woods Reservation

Waskosim's Rock Reservation